Credit Sources of the Central Uninon

The Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives (ACC) through its wide spread network of cooperatives and qualified expert staff, presents its members with short term to medium term credit options, thus assuring that our members’ economic interests are protected and agricultural production unimpeded.

The Agricultural Credit Cooperatives provides credits through its own and foreign resources.


The Agricultural Credit Cooperatives provides its members with short and medium term credits in order to protect their economic interests and provide for their professional needs.


Short term business credit is given for a fixed term of one year and is meant to assist members in the procurement of seedlings, saplings, chemical fertilizers, mix animal feed and fuel oil. They are also meant to help the members in their cash needs for agricultural investment.

Business Credit

Production credit is disbursed to the members with a payback period of one year in order to cover their annual production costs and supplement their operational capital.

Seedling Credit

Credits issued for a one year term, to assist the members in grain and potato seedling production.

Chemical Fertilizer Credit

Credits paid in kind for a term of one year in order to improve the production efficiency of the members.

Animal Husbandry and Livestock Credit

Credits given out to assist the members, who either operate an agricultural enterprise or are directly involved in animal husbandry and livestock fattening activities. The amount of the credit given depends on the number of livestock owned and their gender. This credit covers sectors such as cattle, apiculture and poultry farming.

Agricultural Pesticide Credit

Agricultural pesticide credit is given to the members for combating insects and pest control. The amount of this credit is determined based on the type of production and size of the planting area.

Fuel Oil Credit

Credit paid in kind for diesel and lube oil needs of the members.



Aquaculture Credit

Credit disbursed in kind with a three year term for the members involved in aquaculture production or the setting up of incubation facilities. This credit can also be used for the procurement of aquaculture production systems such as pools, cages as well as related equipment and tools, the modernization of these facilities, and their transformation into closed circuit production systems.

Consumption Credit

Credit issued to the members for a one year term at a reasonable rate of interest to help them meet their consumption needs.

Insurance Credit

Credit given to help place the agricultural production and livestock assets of the members under insurance.


Credit issued for a maximum term of three years in order to assist the members in the procurement of assets such as agricultural vehicles, fruit seedlings and revenue animals.

Agricultural Vehicles and Equipment Credit

Credit designed to help the members purchase a variety of agricultural vehicles and equipment.


Animal Husbandry and Livestock Investment Credit

This is a credit in kind for a term of three years. It addresses the members’ needs in categories such as cattle and revenue animals, apiculture, aquaculture products equipment, sericulture, and poultry farming.


General Individual Credit

(Maximum of 15.000 U.S. Dollars upon approval by primary cooperatives)

Special Individual Credit

(Maximum of 130.000 U.S. Dollars upon approval by the regional unions) 

Contracted Production Credit

Maximum limit of 130.000 U.S. Dollars per individual upon approval by the regionalunions)

For members who apply for an amount of credit more than the maximum allowed in the above categories may receive up to 800.000 U.S. Dollars depending on approval from the central union.