Insurance Services

Bereket Insurance, which was establish in 1995, was transferred to ACC by the sale and share transfer agreement signed on 13.01.2017. From the very first day of the establishment, in insurance aimed to be perceived by wider masses, thereby contributing to the growth of the sector and creating benefits. Bereket Insurance, which operates in all branches including insurancei trafficking, fire, engineering, agriculturel, health, personel accident, transportation, legal protection, auto accident, DASK and liability insurance has been one of the best companies using the technology since its establishment. Bereket Insurance will continue to add value to the insurance sector in the coming years with its innovative and higj-quality service approach, which is among the top goals of creating products that best suits the needs of the sector and its cutomers, and being an institution where agencies can rely on and make business partnerships throughout their commercial lives.  

In addition, members who have withdrawn a credit are a part of the 'Credit Life Insurance' program. Under this insurance if a member passes away, their inheritors are entitled to compensation.

The 'Mutual Accident Insurance' coverage is also implemented for our members which ensures that in case of an accident that results in the loss of life or permanent injury, compensation is given to them or their inheritors.