Insurance Services

The Agricultural Credit Cooperatives (ACC) has added the insurance sector to its list of activities. The ACC places special importance on educating our member farmers about the use and implementation of agricultural insurance. As a result of a ten year agreement, the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives and its Regional Unions have been granted authorized agency status for GROUPAMA Insurance Ltd. services.

At our Regional Unions and Cooperatives, risks such as hail, fire, landslides, storms, tornados, frost, damages caused by accidents, damages caused by animal illnesses no longer pose a threat to our member farmers thanks to a wide range of insurance options under agricultural insurance. Under the 50% state supported Agricultural Insurance Law, these insurance options range from Accident (traffic, automobile) Insurance, Engineering, Shipping and Fire Insurance, Crop Insurance, Greenhouse Insurance, Animal Life Insurance and Poultry Insurance.

In addition, members who have withdrawn a credit are a part of the 'Credit Life Insurance' program. Under this insurance if a member passes away, their inheritors are entitled to compensation.

The 'Mutual Accident Insurance' coverage is also implemented for our members which ensures that in case of an accident that results in the loss of life or permanent injury, compensation is given to them or their inheritors.