Tasks of the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives

A) For its members;

  • to meet short and medium term credit demands,
  • to assist them in turning their crops into profit,
  • to provide for common use the machinery,
  • equipment and facilities that are needed.

B) For its members and other producers when necessary;

  • the wholesale procurement of production and essential consumption items, 
  • to participate in organizations that are of benefit to our member farmers and authorized by the Board of Directors of the Central Union,
  • to develop handicrafts and turn those products into profit, 
  • to increase members’ professional and technical knowledge, to carry out social and cultural activities, to open trade specific courses, and to organize workshops.

C) To collect deposit fees, render banking services and act as an insurance agency.

D) To establish a bank and insurance company for the primary cooperatives, regional unions, and central union or participate in such organizations under the regulations set forward by law number 1581, its annexes and amendments.

E) To perform other tasks assigned by the regional unions and to carry out such tasks of the cooperatives according to the principles of implementation.