Australia Cooperative Visit of ACC Delegation

0kapakTurkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives’ Head of Board Mr. Selahattin Külcü and Deputy Head of Board Mr. Veli Sar visited Australian cooperatives in March in order to develop stronger relations between agricultural cooperatives of Turkey and Australia. Ms Ayşe Tuğba Ferhat of Foreign Relations Department organised the visit and assisted the Turkish delegation.

During the visit Mr. Külcü and Mr. Sar visited fruit orchards and collected information from the cooperative members about the cooperative movement in Australia. During these visits Mr. Les Cameron of Goulburn Valley food Cooperatives accompanied the delegation and gave detailed information about the cooperative strucute in Australia.

Head of Board of ACC Mr. Selahattin Külcü and Deputy Head of Board Mr. Veli Sar also had meeting with Ms. Melina Morrison, Chief Executive Officer of Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals of Australia. Ms Morrison gave detailed information about cooperatives in Australia as the head of the all cooperatives in Australia. Importance of developing much stronger relations to defend the rights of cooperative members vis-a-vis the multinational companies  and governmental support to the cooperatives, coop-to-coop trade, etc. were the main issues during the visit.

Ms Melina Morrison also suggested to the delegation to visit Australia one more time to have a deeper understanding about the animal husbandry and dairy cooperatives in Australia which basicly constituted on the northern part of the continent.

Mr. Kulcu and Mr Veli Sar also visited Mr. Mehmet Küçüksakallı, Melbourne Consul General, Mr. Melih Karalar, Sydney Consul General, Mr. Idris Muslu, Commercial Attache of the Turkish Consulate General- Melbourne and   Dr. Ali Gür, President of Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSİAD) Australia Branch and World Turkish Business Council Member.