0kapakHead of Board of Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives Selahattin Külcü and his delegation paid a return visit to Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mr. Tsvetan Dimitrov on 17th August 2017 in order to reinforcing the mutual relationship between Bulgaria and ACC subsidiary companies’ activities on agriculture and  animal husbandry. The first visit between counterparts took place on December 2016 when Bulgaria Cities and Regions’ Associations’ Delegation paid a visit to ACC.

During the visit the the issues on shortening the red tape procedure  in Bulgaria and simplifying the export procedure on authorisation of the agrochemicals produced by ACC subsidiary company Tarkim, licensed storege, greenhouse covers, drip irrigation and fertilizer were on the table which planned to sold by Trakya Foreign Trade of ACC. At the same time, procurement of the ACC Feed Factory’s sunflower, wheat bran and DDGS needs  from Bulgaria was another important issue that the Delegates discussed during the meeting. Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mr. Tsvetan Dimitrov underlined his full support to ACC on the issues and said that “We are solving all the obstacles about these issues.”

ACC Delegation presided by Selahattin Külcü  also had a meeting with the previous Minister of Agriculture of Bulgaria Prof. Dr. Vladimir Bubnyak on importing animals from Bulgaria to Turkey. Serving as the Head of Bulgarian Institute of Animal Breed Mr Bubnyak said that they will give their full support to  all  activities on agriculture and animal husbandry between Bulgaria and ACC and its subsidiary companies. Prof. Dr. Bubnyak also mentioned the opportunities and the financial tools that European Union has on these issues and thanked the Delegation for their visit.

Head of Bulgarian Municipalities’ Association Mr. Ergin Emin thanked Selahattin Külcü for the visit and presented a plaque to him.

Mutual contacts between the two counterparts are continuing on enhancing trade relations with Bulgaria including other Balkan countries via the subsidiary companies of ACC after the meetings consequently being held in Turkey and Bulgaria.