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Gübretas Fertilizer Factories Co. Ltd.

GÜBRE FABRİKALARI TÜRK ANONİM ŞİRKETİ   The Agriculture Credit Cooperatives (ACC) is the owner of GÜBRETAŞ, which is a leader in the fertilizer manufacturing sector. Gübretaş also serves as an example of one of the first successful privatization cases in Turkey.

GÜBRETAŞ, which owns a fertilizer production plant in Yarımca, İzmit, has further increased its production capacity by purchasing Razi Petrochemical fertilizer factory of Iran. Dedicated to serving the Turkish farmers needs, GÜBRETAŞ supplies 25% of the domestic fertilizer demands, and has become a global player in this sector. 

Furthermore, GÜBRETAŞ has taken a place in the International Sea Forwarding sector and has become one of the senior partners of the newly established company called “Negmar”. 

As a leading organization in Turkey and a globally known brand, with its strong roots and past, GÜBRETAŞ is dedicated to helping the Turkish farmers by providing them with products and services of the utmost quality. GÜBRETAŞ invests in and uses the latest and most advanced technology in its field in order to make sure the Turkish farmers always stay a step ahead of the latest developments. GÜBRETAŞ strives to help the Turkish farmers in cropping high quality products through free of charge soil analysis by its experts.

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