Gübretas Fertilizer Factories Co. Ltd.

GÜBRE FABRİKALARI TÜRK ANONİM ŞİRKETİ   Established in 1952, the company which produces, exports and markets fertilizer, became a company of the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives in 1993. GUBRETAS, which aims for farmers to carry out production activities of high efficiency and achieve high quality products by taking advantage of chemical fertilizer, is one of the pioneer compaines in its field in Turkey that provides services with its 8 regional directorates, 2 production facilities, 5 logistics centers, 2 thousand 750 sales points and a storage capacity of nearly 400 thousand tons. 

GUBRETAS has a total production capacity of 1,085,000 tons / year, with liquid and powder fertilizer production capacity of 10,000 tons / year at its facilites in Izmir and chemical fertilizer production capacity of 985 thousand tons / year at its facilites in Kocaeli - Yarimca. 

With the largest portfolio of its sector in Turkey in solid, liquid, and powder chemical fertilizer production, the company contributes to the increase of quality and efficiency in agriculture by developing plant-specific and regionspecific products. 

Address: Nida Kule Göztepe İş Merkezi Merdivenköy Mah.
Bora Sk. No:1 Kat: 12-30-31 34732 Kadıköy/İstanbul

Phone: (216) 468 50 50

Fax: (216) 407 10 11-12

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