İmece Plastic Greenhouse and Irrigation Products Co. Ltd.

imece plastikEstablished by the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives in 1988 in Antalya, İmece Plastic is one of the prominent firms of Turkey in the production of agricultural film and pressurized irrigation systems. The company carries out R&D and production in two huge facilities in Antalya and Aksaray. Its entire founding capital belongs to the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives and the company exports to a wide geography from to African countries to Turkic Republics from tha Middle East to Europe. 

With a capacity of 20 thousand tons of agricultural film production per year, the Antalya Facility of the company has a product range under the main categories of Pe Green House Cover Products, Soil Upper Covers, other Agricultural Product Types and Packaging Group.

The Aksaray Facility of the company, which produces in the category of irrigation systems, has an annual production capacity of 62 million meters. 

Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 1. Kısım 4. Cadde No:13


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